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tree surgery services

The Tree Surgeons of Oxford are experts in the field, dedicated to preserving and enhancing your trees' natural beauty and health. Here are our primary services:

1. Tree Removal: Our qualified tree surgeons possess the essential machinery and technical expertise for safe and effective tree removal. We conduct a thorough evaluation before any service to ensure the tree's health and safety.

2. 24-Hour Emergency Tree Work: We understand that emergencies can happen anytime. Whether it's storm damage or a fallen tree, our team is ready to provide immediate assistance, ensuring the safe removal of branches or risky trees while preventing further damage.

3. Tree Crown Reduction: To maintain the health and aesthetics of a tree, we offer crown reduction services. This method reduces a tree's height and spread, promoting healthy tree growth while preserving its natural form.

4. Tree Pruning: We provide specialized pruning services, removing unwanted or dead branches to promote healthy growth and maintain the tree's desired shape.

5. Stump Grinding: Our stump grinding service effectively removes stumps that can be hazardous and an eyesore. This process also aids in the rotting of underground roots, leaving your compound safe and tidy.

6. Hedge Trimming: Regular hedge trimming is essential in maintaining well-shaped, tidy hedges. We offer regular hedge trimming services to prevent congestion and ensure your hedges always look their best.

7. Tree Pollarding: Pollarding involves the removal of the tree's upper branches, promoting a dense head of foliage and ensuring the tree's longevity.

Our team is committed to providing cost-effective, high-quality tree surgery services tailored to your needs. Whether you require our residential or commercial property services, we offer competitive prices without compromising quality. Contact us today for any tree surgery tasks; our highly experienced team will be ready to assist. For Bedford services, our Green Tree Surgeon partners are also available to help.

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